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The worst has happened.

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    The worst has happened.

    I hate these stories. I really do. I see these topics on Archerytalk and it pisses me off that there are so many of them.

    I lost the deer that I shot last night. duke and I, along with one of my kids, went back out after midnight to track the doe.
    After the shot, she stayed up for a long time and ran around the field. I know she was hit, because we both heard the arrow was loud. Once we decided to try to back out of the field, she spotted us and ran back toward the wood line.

    We got out there and looked for both my arrow and the deer. We found the spot where she entered the woods and were able to find small amounts of bright red blood. The blood spots were small and we were mostly just tracking her hoof prints. They led to an area under an apple tree that is frequented by deer. Her trail disappeared into the hundreds of prints. Just beyond that tree was an open area under power lines that is overgrown with goldenrod. That's where we lost her. We spent a couple of hours looking, but the trail was gone.

    Now, I consider myself an ethical hunter. I try to only take good shots. I wont shoot young bucks. I won't shoot fawns. I took the shot, because I thought it was a good one. She was quartering toward me, and I tried to put it through her chest and into the inside of her left front shoulder, to get a lung shot or better.

    Judging by the blood, it looks like a muscle wound. No bubbly, frothy pink to it (like a lung shot). No gut mess or bile. No smell to it.
    I'm somewhat thinking that I got nothing but meat and it wasn't a fatal shot. They are tough creatures and can survive many wounds. I've read where butchers have been processing deer and found multiple bullets and/or broadheads in them.

    Yes, that may be me trying to assure myself that she isn't piled up somewhere waiting on the coyotes, but it's also a valid assessment of the shot, and a viable possibility.

    I'm still pretty torn up about it. I had to take xanax to sleep last night. This is only the second deer I've ever lost after a shot. I found the first one a week later about 800 yds from where I shot her. This is by far the only thing I don't like about bow hunting. I really hate feeling like this.