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Hunting Reality meets survival show bullshit

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    Hunting Reality meets survival show bullshit

    1. I am discussing killing animals for food, so if you don't like that, you can click away now and not be offended.
    2. I know some hate Dave Canterbury for stolen valor for fluffing his resume. I agree it was wrong, but his apology seemed sincere, and he was in the military. He just exaggerated his certs. That is easier to forgive to me than someone who never served claiming to be special forces etc. Not saying it is okay, but explaining how I feel about it.

    Okay........... to the thread:

    I admit I watch these shows. Dave Canterbury is back, and has a more silly one than the old Dual Survival show. It is called Dirty Rotten Survival. I don't know exactly if it is a true survival show or not. It is more like 3 guys pissing around in the woods.

    But I sort of like it.

    One thing jumped out at me while I watched a dvr'd episode tonight...............

    Most of the time when I see a survivalist trap an animal, if they show the kill it is a bunch of posturing and screaming, "primal forces" bullshit. *for reference see Joe Tetti or (whatever the dork's name is) when he killed the pig and acted all rambo flashback...

    But in the episode tonight, Dave killed a pig. He didn't smear blood on his forehead. He didn't mumble a mystic prayer to the animal releasing it's spirit. He stuck it, and held it down till it quit fighting. Like any of my friends would do when we go hog hunting.

    (*In my mind's eye, I see my buddy dave kick a pig onto it's side as it ran past him. It was already shot, but still running. He kicked it, it fell over, and he dropped and put his knife into it's side. Just as smooth and natural as someone might catch and throw a baseball or something.)

    That is one thing Dave has going for him that Bear Thrills, and most of the TV survivalist don't. Dave really does hunt, fish, and trap as part of his daily life. He is redneck like us, not an actor.

    I like that.

    Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!

    Agreed! I'm a big fan of Dave's. I don't give a shit about his resume, because everyone in Hollywood is full of shit, and if you want to work there you better be good at it too. However, he seems to know his shit, and seems like a decent guy, so I'm a fan.
    "L E X - T A L I O N I S"




        an actor is an actor is an actor

        same for uncle ted