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Ummmmm, frog legs!

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    Ummmmm, frog legs!

    My brother invited me to dinner last night because he had a special treat we don't see often in CA. Frog legs! Being raised in the Midwest frog legs were at every restaurant so I ate a lot of them, but since moving to CA I cant remember the last time I had them. 45 years ago maybe? But big bro found some at a local market and knew how the cook them and they were great. Kinda small but great! And to top it off he made some shrimp jambalaya to go with it! If only there was some crawdads and hush puppies to go with I would swear I was back in Texas!
    Screw diplomacy...........bring it!

    a uncle owned a frog farm in arkansaw'

    never sold a one for food, all went to universities and other research labs.........

    quite a Gig
    "Virtute et armis"

    Girls play with dolls. Men play with dead animals



      mmmmmm Frog Legs.
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