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    Land Navigation:

    What to do when the GPS stops working?

    Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

    Find North by the stars.

    Lots of good info on basic land navigation in this pdf.

    U.S. Highway system.
    Are U.S. Interstate highways numbered according to a pattern?

    INTERSTATE HIGHWAYS: Under the plan developed for a national interstate highway system during the Eisenhower administration, interstate highways (marked with the familiar red-and-blue shields) are numbered according to the following rules:
    • Major interstate highways are identified by one- or two-digit numbers. North-south routes are assigned odd numbers, with the numbers growing larger from west to east; east-west routes are assigned even numbers, with the numbers growing larger from south to north.

    Compass operation.

    "L E X - T A L I O N I S"

    Originally posted by Talon View Post
    Lots of good info on basic land navigation in this pdf.

    "Can you fashion a rudimentary lathe or something"

    Seriously, I have taught that NWCG class..............

    Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!


      Its hard to teach people with zero sense of direction, direction, unless they are a youngster, even then.
      ~" If you suck ass long enough, pretty soon you start choking on shit."~


        Im just going straight to hell. Can that be found on a compass? Like to avoid it a few more decades


          After some types of disasters the landscape changes drastically and typical landmarks may not be visible or even there any longer.

          Great thread, knowing direction is very important with alread limited resources.