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    peer to peer lending

    I have recently started dabbling in a company in NZ called "harmoney" which is a peer to peer lending platform.
    It's pretty cool.

    My portfolio return is around 14% give or take a few people who are going to default and wreck my stats.

    The down side is the loans are between 3 and 5 years long, so of course the longer the money is in their hands, the higher the possibility of them defaulting.

    I am 1/2 way through my first month, which is to say I'm getting some repayments on my little loans, but have not got a month worth yet.

    Have you guys got anything like this in the US?

    There probably is, but I haven't encountered it yet. I am almost debt free again. There is no feeling like it.
    Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!


      You can invest as little as $500 to start with, and the loans are cut in to $25 'notes'. You can invest in as little as one note per loan, but no more than 20% of any loan.

      the loans come in with ratings, from a1 around 9% to ... don't know. E4, at somewhere around 40% interest but with much higher default rates. I stay within the A range, I've had a B4 default already on me so I am less keen on the higher risk loans.

      Of course, if inflation goes up, then that 9% interest is going to be a low rate of interest. And if inflation goes down, then I win although it can't get a heck of a lot lower.


        We do have those. Kiva and others. That's a good ROI, Abs. I might have to look into doing this too. I love the premise. Anything to give big banks some competition.

        Mayaca, that's great. Debt-free is a good place to be. I'm back in debt. Not bad, but I hate it.