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SALT? Inflation, cost of living, etc.

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    SALT? Inflation, cost of living, etc.

    Riddle me this please.

    If gasoline prices have gone down in some states and the OIL prices have declined so much why have so many other things gone up in price?

    Cost of raw materials to make goods, labor and moving them. Transportation prices supposedly lower due to the fuel costs?

    I am not talking about a good wage and bennies now either. I believe in those things.

    Heck, I am not even talking about medical insurance, vehicle insurance or real estate/property insurance now.

    Other than the basic devaluation of our U.S. dollar why would SALT go up in price 12% in such a brief time?

    (I have enough table salt in my pantry but I will buy some more to keep on hand.)

    Why would quality BULK SALT that you put in a water softener go up about 12% since last May?

    It does not matter where I check the prices in this town and have my husband pick it up with NO delivery charge. I can't figure out why water softener salt went up so much in this brief time frame.

    Did I miss something on the news? I usually buy it once or twice a year in bulk 50 pound bags too. I store it in my well insulated garage. My mechanical room is in my attached garage to the house since I do not have a basement in this house.

    (This is the first time in my life that I lived in a place with NO basement other than a beach house circa Nam - USN time with my late husband, the cabin and campsite in the Sapphire Mountains when I first moved out west and in the brand new built apartment when I moved to this college town from the mountains.)

    I live in town and have city water but the water out west is far TOO hard for me and NOT as soft as where I used to live. So I deliberately put in a softener to help save my good pipes and use less soap/detergent when I clean. I LOVE having soft water. I had soft water growing up on the east coast naturally! The Great Lakes region was harder water on a excellent well but not super HARD. I did put in a softener there though but I could have lived without one. I could not believe in the brand new built apartment where I lived after my time in the mountains how HARD the water was even in town. So when I built this house, I put in a softener and I am glad that I did compared to seeing how some other new homes have hard water issues even though this entire valley is in an aquifer plus we have mountain water flowing into our rivers and ground and I have my water rights ditch in my back yard too.

    So what did I miss in the NEWS where salt went up in price so much and so fast since last MAY?

    Thank you.

    I will put in another water softener in the third house or cabin that I build too. That is IF I move and BUILD AGAIN which I am sure that I will do. This is the second house that I built and the other one was with my late husband many moons ago. I lived in that one for over 30 years.

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    everything is going up, especially heavy items to freight around. As far as salt, if your going to consume it, buy pink or sea salt or better yet plain salt right from the ground. lot of animal salt has no sodium in it. you need sodium and potassium in your salt, water softeners, I don't know any thing about...
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      Thank you.

      I use sea salt and salt with iodine in it too. I have both kinds in my pantry and shakers.



        Why does UPS still have a 12 percent fuel charge on their bills? Everyone raises prices because they can
        Tuesday is soylent green day


          Its the dollar isn't worth the paper its printed on. It was explained to me like this years ago. In 1920 you could buy a custom fitted suit for an ounce of gold which was $20. Today you can buy a custom fitted suit for an ounce of gold, today which is about $1200. From 1791-1913 the dollar raised in value 16%. From 1913 to today the dollar declined 93%, so something that cost $.07 in 1913 now costs a dollar.


            Originally posted by Night View Post
            Why does UPS still have a 12 percent fuel charge on their bills? Everyone raises prices because they can

            Thanks for that information!

            Our privately owned trash company does that ALL of the time even though fuel went down in price. I thought that if we took our trash to the dump that it would be cheaper but it was not once I checked out the figures. We do not generate much trash for two people either. One or two bags and not even FULL bags in 'their can'. I can only use THEIR CAN but some parts of the city are still on another system of CAN requirements. So they can use their own cans or the company's cans for now.

            They don't have city/county trash pick up in this college town. It is with a private company. They changed names here too. According to a news article that I read a couple of years ago, this college town has the highest price in the state of Montana for trash pick up too. My company is now called Republic. I do have a GOOD trash man and the truck has a bunch of robotic stuff on it where it picks up the can automatically. But if your LID is not completely down or UP a tiny bit, they charge you EXTRA for that and if the man or driver has to come outside of the truck. It goes by a MINUTE CHARGE and I am not kidding you! I had a charge for this only one time when I first moved here after I built this house. I had never heard of such a thing before too!

            I didn't have these ISSUES where I used to live rural in the Great Lakes region for over 30 years with my late husband. I had a private company there but I had a CHOICE between 2 different companies even though I lived rural. The COUNTY owned 'dump' was not super high as it is here and this dump is privately owned. Plus I could use my own trash cans or their company owned cans. I could buy a trash sticker at a small town bank if I wanted to buy it for 3 months too. Or I could not buy one at all but I always bought one. I had trash pickup credit when I moved out west and I gave it to my new house owners. I did that with two other 'credits' with my former house too.

            When I lived on the East Coast, born/raised, the city/county had a different system and so do many other states too. Some people had it included in their taxes and they were regulated pretty strong when it came to 'increases' and a monopoly.



              Obamacare and the EPA has caused everything to go up!
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                Rokit don't forget obama inherited the biggest financial clusterfuck in history since the great depression, and managed to get you all through it without destroying the entire world economy - which was on the cards, so thanks Obama, for not taking us down with America.

                as to the salt - the salt company probably held their prices for years during the recession. Sounds like the situation is improving if they're putting up their prices.