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    Milton Friedman :

    I don't agree with much of what he says, but I do love to hear him talk. He also advocated for "basic income" on the grounds that it was cheaper than paying all the bureaucrats to dole out the money.

    "Milton Friedman (July 31, 1912 – November 16, 2006) was an American economist who received the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his research on consumption analysis,monetary history and theory and the complexity of stabilization policy."

    He's talking about inflation here. Good stuff!

    "L E X - T A L I O N I S"

    He was a fucking genius. He also schooled Micheal Moore when he was a skinny kid in's on Youtube. Classic vid IMO.


      Yeah, basic income sounds a lot better than layer after layer of government officials at every level.

      Same with the current health insurance crap. Get rid of the insurance companies. Save 25 percent on health immediately. No more paying agents, or others at the insurance companies to write checks to the hospitals.


        and if we're going down those ^ roads...

        go with a strictly consumption based tax, like 20% or whatever. Do away with the IRS and accountants. No property taxes, no investment taxes, just one kind of tax on end-user purchases. A big side benefit is that it would make imports more "expensive" and domestic goods cheaper


          taint gonna happen until the big space rock hits
          "Virtute et armis"

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