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Don't scream at me when you see this post~~~

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    Don't scream at me when you see this post~~~

    Thank you ahead of time.

    (I know how some people at the other place and on some gun forums hate these questions!)

    This is a general RIFLE CALIBER question and here goes...

    If you had to pick 2 CF rifle calibers only, what would you pick out of the calibers listed below for rifles only? Don't add in some other calibers to the list below. Thank you.

    This would work if you had no physical disability, no old age issue and I am not talking about CF pistol caliber rifle-handgun combination firearms now. This would work if you were in your 60's with some arthritis too!

    The amount of room, total quality - name brand firearms, reloading equipment, reloading stock and factory ammunition are already taken care of. (There may be a shotgun and there will be 2 to 4 (?) handguns.)

    The amount of room would be a SMALL cabin (Two people and maybe one dog.) with a barn/garage for some storage and a deep freezer. The cabin would be smaller than 864 square feet or about that size (?). That is not written in stone. Four seasons and in a pretty cold climate.

    The rifles could be used for woods/wilderness and homestead protection. Hunting and practice shooting.

    Two CF rifle calibers?

    .223 Bolt action rifle only not a semi automatic one.

    30-30 Lever action rifles.

    30-06 Bolt action rifle.

    45-70 Lever action rifle.

    This is in grizzly and black bear country. Would you pick 2 different caliber rifles or go with 2 rifles in the same caliber like in the 30-30 caliber if you owned a good, quality, name brand 12 gauge shotgun with various shells?

    My husband hunts in various Montana terrains BUT he does NOT hunt as much or ALL OVER as he used to do. He is in his 60's too.

    Out of 2 CF pistol calibers kept on purpose due to previous downsizing and caliber consolidation, I already know that the 45acp pistols will be kept if it goes down to 1 caliber and the 9mm pistols will be sold.

    These are not my firearms.

    Regarding RF rifles now...

    Would you still keep a couple of 22lr rifles if you kept the .223 CF rifle? The .223 rifle ammunition can be reloaded easily. I do not reload but my husband has reloaded for over 40 years.


    I already gave my husband my Henry Golden Boy rifles in 22lr and 22magnum. I still shoot them on and off but I am NO longer a high volume shooter. I do keep up my basic skills. I gave my husband my Marlin 336C in 30-30 and I sometimes shoot that with special Beartooth loads that he makes for me. I have some factory ammunition for this too. I am a safe shooter. I am a proficient shooter.

    I sold and gifted ALL of my other handguns and rifles (15 or so.). We did some more caliber consolidation and a large amount of downsizing over the years.

    I like the Savage bolt action rifle (22lr) in a black composite material because it is a lighter weight for me to use too.

    I no longer shoot handguns due to my arthritis and old accident issues. I only shoot those few rifles in 22lr, 22magnum and 30-30.

    I do LOVE the 22magnum and 22lr lever action rifles more than the 30-30 even though the sweet 30-30 is a TACK DRIVER and good for woods/wilderness protection. I do not hunt.

    Now, if I think about the future - long range for me and due to the weight of the rifle... I would only keep the Savage bolt action rifles in 22lr and not keep the heavier ones.

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    I think that he might go to the 30-06 because it would be between the 30-30 and 45-70 rifles but I am not positive.

    Maybe the 30-06 and the .223 but I am not positive.

    Or the 30-06 and the 30-30?




      I think that you are on the right track. The 30.06 is a fantastic big game/range weapon. The .223 is great for protection (compared to the other rounds listed) and is fine for medium sized game. For small game I would stick to the .22lr (less mess from kinetic energy).

      I wouldn't keep two large rounds, because there is really no point. Focus your money on one round and maybe multiple weapons for that round(?). 30.06 isn't cheap anymore. So being able to allocate more money to just that round would be a good idea.

      Plus, once the weapon bans do come, which they will, the lever actions may be on that list. The bolt actions are a much safer bet.


        Good Post, Cate!

        Over the years, I've tinkered with every caliber on your list, and a lot of 'em that's NOT on your list, too!

        Two of my top calibers are the same as your list, the venerable .30-'06 Springfield, and the .45-70 Government......

        The .30-'06 is probably the most VERSATILE .30-caliber rifle out there, if you reload, so your Hubs should be able to tailor whatever load you could want in it.....ammo runs the gamut from 55-grain "Accelerator" rounds (actually a .224-diameter bullet in a .308-diameter "sabot"), up to 90 to 110-grain hollowpoint jacketed Varmint loads, through the 150 to 165-grain Ballistic Tip rounds for hunting and self-defense, on up to the 220-grain roundnose "hammers" that are effective on Moose/Elk/Black Bear-sized game.....One of my favorite rifles in this caliber is an H&R "Handi-Rifle".....Here's mine, sporting a Leupold 1x-4x Vari-X II scope:

        It's taken a LARGE amount of 150 to 200+pound Whitetails in it's time at Casa Doc, and a LOT of Varmints, too.....Recoil is still tolerable for my semi-arthritic shoulder, at least with 150-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip reloads.....The 1x4 Leupold is a light, fast-acquiring scope, I got 4 of them at a local Sporting Goods store clearance sale (CHEAP!!!), and I set this rifle up for a max-200 yard range shooter, anyway, so I didn't need a long-range scope, most of my shots have been 50-75 yards or less, in heavy cover......

        The .45-70 Government I bought for Larger game (if I ever do go up North for a Griz), and for self-defense purposes, too.....My Marlin factory-ported (HIGHLY recommended!) 16"-barrelled "Guide Gun", in .45-70 caliber, is on the far left in the pic below:

        My 405-grain Speer Flat Point reloads can safely take any game on the North American continent, including the big Black and Brown Bears.....LOTSA power available:

        As mentioned, the factory porting takes a LOT of the recoil out of the round.....I had an older, late 70's Marlin full-size levergun that was NOT ported, and it felt like the Magnum round that it was in that rifle; the ported Guide Gun handles these loads easily, I would equate the recoil to a mid-range .30-'06 least that's what it feels like to me!

        Nothing wrong with a good .30-'30 Winchester, either.....but, the power levels are below the other two calibers I mentioned, mebbe a little light for Bears.....but, a superior, thin-skinned medium "Game Getter" for sure! The .30-'30 has been slaying Deer for over 120 years!

        Great minds think alike, Eh?

        Let us know how the consolidation goes, and Good Luck!

        The Ballistic-Loving One.....


          I second the .30-06 and .45-70 calibers. With those two you can kill damn near everything that walks the earth.


            Sometimes I just scream. If I do, don't take it personally.
            I don't know.


              Thanks for the input. I shall return.

              My husband and I were HIGH, very high, volume shooters. We competed but he did more than I did.

              I may put up a link to a post that I made elsewhere later on.



                30-06 is probably the most Versatel round there is. You can get a adapter and shoot 308 in a pinch which is something I'd never do but you can.
                223 I've never really cared for much tho it is my go to gun, a SAR3 AKM Clone. It's light and I'm not far from 60 myself.

                I don't really know much about 45-70 round but a 30-06 will kill anything on the planet except maybe a large whale.

                A few years ago I consolidated my caliber a, sold off a few guns I wasn't crazy about but I stuck with the 7.62x54r, 7.62x39, 5.56x45, 30-06, 7.62x 51, and 338 win mag.

                If I had to, I would keep the first two listed as long as possible. I know, they're not on the list....
                Bigger the Government, the smaller the Citizen.


                  Two 22 Long Rifles circa JC Higgens..
                  Iron sights

                  That is all I need.


                    30-06 would be my first choice also it has that reach out and smack you in the head at long range appeal thats great for hunting.
                    My 2nd choice would be the 30-30 as I love that calibre for dense bush hunting around here and it wont do alot of damage to the meat as the 45/70 would.
                    Can I ask why you would go 30-06 instead of 308 ? Going by a few of your posts it seems that you are getting on and have a couple of minor issues health wise. The 308 would give alot less recoil as opposed to the 30-06 and with a decent muzzle break even less again.


                      Can't go wrong with 30-06.


                        Originally posted by Gonemad View Post
                        30-06 would be my first choice also it has that reach out and smack you in the head at long range appeal thats great for hunting.
                        My 2nd choice would be the 30-30 as I love that calibre for dense bush hunting around here and it wont do alot of damage to the meat as the 45/70 would.
                        Can I ask why you would go 30-06 instead of 308 ? Going by a few of your posts it seems that you are getting on and have a couple of minor issues health wise. The 308 would give alot less recoil as opposed to the 30-06 and with a decent muzzle break even less again.

                        The calibers that I listed are Not ones that I own or shoot on the top of my original post. Although, I do shoot the one 30-30 with special loads that he makes for me and a bit of factory ammunition.

                        They are my husband's calibers not mine.


                        ^^^ Those are his RIFLE CF cartridges now.

                        He does not want to get rid of his 30-06 just to buy a .308 rifle. He LOVES his 30-06 rifle. I am almost positive that he will keep that one older bolt action rifle. (He killed a lot of elk with it over the years too.)

                        He has owned many, many calibers of rifles, handguns and some shotguns in 60 plus years too. He is not knocking a .308 nor am I when I state this. One of his hunting buddies owns/shoots one and he is shorter and smaller built that my husband.

                        I shoot 22lr and 22magnum (22wmr). Henry Golden Boy rifles. I shoot a Savage bolt action 22lr rifle too. I gave them to him but I still shoot them on and off.

                        Plus I shoot special Beartooth cast loads (Light recoil ones.) that he makes for me for one of the Marlin 30-30 rifles - Marlin 336C.

                        A Marlin 336SS is here too.

                        Sorry if I confused you when I typed out my original post.

                        I have to paste/post here a list of what I used to shoot that I had on another forum when some guys were going on about 'calibers'.

                        Take care. Thanks for your input too.


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                          Thankyou for that now it makes complete sense (sorry abit slow today )
                          30-06 is the way to go no doubt if that cant kill it you probably leave it alone.
                          Mix in your 30-30 and .22mag and you wont have a problem hunting anything, I have shot a few Fallow deer with a .22mag under 50m without any drama or mess.



                            No problem.

                            Take care!