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Smith and Wesson Shares Plunge~~~

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    Smith and Wesson Shares Plunge~~~

    Obama's Vendetta With Gun Makers Gets Personal: Smith & Wesson Shares Plunge After Call For SEC Investigation

    More on the link.



    What Drives Gun Sales: Terrorism, Politics and Calls for Restrictions


      Smith and Wesson, Ruger and other firearm companies were/are doing very well even though most or many people were already stocked up and had bought a lot of guns, gear, reloading supplies and ammunition before, during and after the last TWO presidential elections and since the CT murders.

      That is IF they could find what they wanted since the horrific CT murders.

      Remington went down in sales THIS PAST YEAR (In the news.) but their RF ammunition department still can't keep up with the DEMAND for RF ammo. They stated this recently too.



        S&W has done this before, theyre just too inbed with Government. That's why I don't like to buy their products anymore.
        Bigger the Government, the smaller the Citizen.


          I don't own, shoot, compete, or open/conceal carry handguns any longer due to my arthritis.

          My now 'former' S&W handguns were bought before they made the .gov deal and compromised years ago.

          My former S&W handguns bought NIB (Like my other former firearms.) had NO infernal, eerrr, internal LOCKS too.

          Most of the big companies have been and are IN with the government.

          I do believe that the stock markets from a to z, MANY other financial institutions along with tons of other companies have been MANIPULATED big time.

          I believe that this happens in the METAL markers (Gold, silver, brass, copper, etc.) and with other ALL RAW MATERIALS too. That includes oil, gas, WATER, etc. too.

          Plus look at the people who thought that they had the real deal with gold and silver and it was NOT the real deal.

          Remember those NO BID CONTRACTS with VP Dick and his ILK? That happened with HIM, it happened with LBJ's wife and her financial ties with the MIC and other contractors during the Vietnam War and before and after that time frame. Before and after WW1 and WW2 too.



            Whatta crock.....I especially like the AG assistant "Letitia" wanting to know what S&W has done to "keep guns out of the hands of criminals"....

            Well......"Letitia".....ALL civilian gun sales go through a government-regulated (ATF) loopholes, background checks are done, can anyone say "Fast And Furious" here? Better look to your OWN house first.....

            Putting the Fox in charge of the Henhouse.....Laughable, it's just window dressing by an impotent, on-its-way-out administration.....trying to make life hard on those they hate.....on their way out the door, LMFAO.....Toodles, you kommunist POS's....

            Cate, 99.9% of my S&W's are all OLD models, i.e. no BS locks, lightweight exotic metals, etc.....just good old, proven tool steel, master craftsman assembled them back in the day, and ALL are super-accurate handguns.....

            The S&W-Collecting & Shooting One......



              I agree with you and jack squat happened to the people heavily involved with the FAST and FURIOUS crowd!

              Amazing, how some people are above the law in so many agencies, things, in and out of the White House, etc., eh?

              My former handguns were TACK drivers too! Take care.