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FN FAL - StG 58

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    FN FAL - StG 58

    This is a comprehensive review of an FN FAL Self-Loading Rifle chambered for .308 / 7.62mm.

    Weapon Specs:

    DSA Fully forged upper receiver, picatinny rail
    Chinese imported scope x6 w/illuminated reticule

    This weapon is made in Austria, exported to the USA and is the carbine variant of the FN FAL. Being made in Austria meant that a very ergonomic set of bipod legs were incorporated into the forestock. These give the effect of being integrated, however they are removable.

    This is a DSA built weapon of high-quality, compared with a Century Arms 'FrankenFAL' construction.

    Often referred to as 'The Right Arm Of The Free World' or the gun that helped keep western civilization do its thing during the 60s, 70s and 80s.


    2nd Part of Review covers the following:

    An overview of the scope and demonstration it's function (illuminated reticule)
    Operation and function of the working parts
    Safety catch / change lever
    Carrying handle
    Carrying out Field Stripping
    Emergency Battle sights (EBS)

    My buddy bought this bit of kit in the mid 1990s just after the Clinton got the AWB slithered through.


      I owned one of these at one point and it was a pretty good rifle but heavy as shit. I really liked the adjustable gas syatem ,its too bad there is no market for them anymore. If they ever got popular again I might purchase a couple but as is they are dying off and my guess is they will be unobtainium within the next couple years.

      and yes.. I know i'm necro posting ...I plan on doing this to every old thread here.