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To our fine military

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    To our fine military

    away from home. Merry Christmas. We understand and appreciate the sacrifice you are making being away from home today. I spent two Christmas's away from home when I was in the US Army. I was stationed in Washington DC the first time because I couldn't afford to fly home. There were not many left on base but the mess hall put together a fantastic turkey dinner for all those still there. Santa came through and gave us all gifts and later I went bowling. I ended up bowling with this nice older gentleman who turned out to be the base commander. He picked up the tab for my bowling. Very nice gesture. I later had night duty in the company command office. It was a good day!

    The second time I was in Korea. On Christmas eve we all hit the village for drinking and celebrating. Ended up with about 100 of us parading all over the ville, hittin all the bars, singing Christmas carols and having a merry old time. All the while being shadowed by several MP's, lol. No problems what so ever. At midnite some of us went back on base and others shacked up with their Korean...........ahem..........girlfriends.

    Had to go to our air defense command center in the morning to check on my generators then we all hit the mess hall for another fantastic turkey dinner. Those cooks can really put out on these occasions. Went to the movie theatre and saw a special showing of Mary Poppins. Not an empty seat in the place. Went back to the mess hall for a second round of turkey. I went back to the air defense command center to spend the rest of the days with my friends who didn't get the day off. It was another good day!
    Screw diplomacy...........bring it!

    Merry Christmas and Thank You!

    I don't know.