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    Is this the proper place to put up

    questions about computers and isp questions?

    If these questions belong in another section please let me know.

    I shall return.

    I am having CHARTER email issues again. I can't even get signed in! Gggrrrrr.

    I hate this company for my ISP lousy service and I hate their dang email service more too!


    Yes Cate, this section would work for that. I will also tag in UnderTheStars since I do believe she is awesome sauce with that stuff........
    Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!


      If you're using them for your ISP and they suck, why stay? Lousy ISP + lousy email service = 2 good reasons to find another provider. Unless you're like me, in the boonies and they're the only game in town. If that's the case, I'd at least switch to another email provider. There's tons of free email providers out there.

      But if you want to stick with them for your email, take a look at your email settings. Make sure you have input the correct information.



        Get an IMAC, and get a gmail account.
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          I can't get DSL with my Century Link which used to be Quest which used to be something else. We asked for this and tried to get it again last month. CL does not offer this in my small subdivision or this side of the river even though I live kind of in the middle of town and not far from the Rattlesnake Wilderness area and University.

          I have a Century Link home telephone - land line. NO cellular telephone.

          I can't even get a DIAL UP ISP with Century Link here either. NO kidding.

          I can't get my former Blackfoot Telephone for a telephone or BT for an ISP - dial up or DSL that I had way up in the mountains. I had BT with a dial up isp and land line in the mountains and IT worked better than the crap in this college town. BT is restricted to only certain parts of this city, suburbs and rural areas.

          CL and BT do not work together - the two telephone companies and two isp deals because I already tried that when I first built and moved in here. They did not work together in my newly built apartment before I built this house either. I keep asking about it too.

          I am thinking of getting an ATT ISP thing (It sits on your floor or desk?) with some sat. deal that you can move with IT in your house or take it with you when you travel. I can't think of the name for it now. Sorry.

          I think that Verizon sells the same ISP thing that ATT sells because I asked about it some time ago.

          I do not have Dish or Direct TV dishes or Charter cable for the boob tube reception either on purpose. I looked at ONLY using ISP options there too. I use a simple antenna here for free OTA (Over the air.) boob tube reception. I can get boob tube reception here where I built this house but not in other places in town due to the mountains and placement of the tv towers. It was a FLUKE that I got it and due to the back of the house facing north towards Snowbowl ski resort.

          Even though this is a newer smaller subdivision this valley town is split into specific goofy cable and telephone areas. Lousy for a college town in my opinion!

          Right now, I am paid up until the end of December since I got a lower rate when I complained about the POOR service and customers who had been with them being charged more than 'brand new customers'.

          Plus whenever you call them, they always want to tell you that it is YOU not their system and that is when most or parts of Missoula is OUT with email, telephone or tv reception! That is how crummy they are.

          Years ago, I used to have MSN for an email. Hotmail was the name of it. I think that they changed the name to something else and I think that they went to ADS in your email too. I am not sure about that now.

          I tired Yahoo for email but they had ads all over the place too. I deleted that account.

          A long time ago, I had Gmail or Google email and they went to ads too. I deleted that account.

          So until the end of December, I have to make a decision on where I will go for an ISP and/or for email. I need one or two emails for us. Personal and real estate information.

          US West or some other name (?) was bought up and made into Bresnan. Bresnan was bought up and made into Optimum. Optimum was made into Optimum West. Then it was bought up and changed to Charter and now it is Charter Spectrum or just Spectrum. ALL of this happened since I moved here to MT and each freaking company and so called improved service (Not!) went down the toilet with a big old flush!

          I thought of going to a cellular telephone with the thing on it where you can go online for your forums, news, a bit of email, etc. but I think that you have various limits there on hours or some other computer term that I can't think of the proper name now. The ATT and the Verizon thing limits you on time or how much you can use in a month from what I gather too. I did not understand all of that so I will have to call them again and have them explain it to me.

          I do LISTEN to some things online, do some research, do some real estate hunting and I study some things online.

          What FREE email companies do not stick ads in your email or can you just PUSH something and get rid of them without paying for email?

          Excuse my denseness here.

          Two other companies in town that advertised were lousy with service. I know a college person and another lady who used them and they were horrific. They worked off of some sat. deal. I do not remember their names now.

          One other big company that some rural people use is very expensive and I heard that it had lousy service too. It worked off of some sat. deal too. The name escapes me too.

          Thanks for the ear.



            I was super limited in my former state living way out in the boonies.

            I had to use my library account for an ISP (Dial up only from my rural telephone company to them.) until a private company (Dial up only.) FINALLY came into the game and area.

            That company's owner lived across a farm field from me, he started a company and spread out. It turned out that he was the grandson of one of my clients and they told me about him. He made a house call and set me all up for free too. This was part of the service not just because of his relative. He gave great customer service and I hardly ever had any issues with anything. NO long outages and no passing the buck. His company finally went to other things besides DIAL UP with the old telephone company up there too. The people who bought my house and other old friends told me how much he expanded years ago.



              Not sure of free, ad-free mail services, Kate. I use Yahoo and pay a yearly fee for no ads and unlimited storage.


                Thanks and I may check that out too.



                  Gmail with adblock


                    All we have are cells. I phones. Use them for our Internet it's called personal hotspot. $20 a month and never have gone over the 8 gigs


                      Thanks to you too.

                      My husband and I have not made a decision on what we will do.

                      He wants to keep CHARTER due to me being online for longer periods of time. He is only online for about an hour or less checking the news when he gets up for work on a daily basis.