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Chicken pot pie

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    Chicken pot pie

    I am off today and it has been a while since we had it, so I am making a large chicken pot pie.

    Mine is pretty simple because of my wife's food allergies.

    I boil thighs off the bone in water. Add fresh garlic (one or two cloves) while it is boiling. Keep the broth.

    When the chicken looks almost done, I peel and cube two potatoes. Drop them in the boiling broth to soften.

    I will pull the chicken out, and the potatoes, but then let the broth keep reducing down till there is only about 2-3 cups left.

    Then I will add a little flour and whisk it up. For non cooks..... When you are using flour or corn starch to thicken a soup or broth, first whisk it in a small bowl of cold water or milk. If you don't and you just put a table spoon of flour in the hot broth, it will clump.

    Anyway once it is close to thick enough, put it aside to cool too.

    Lay the pie shell in the greased pan. I can either pre brown the bottom shell or not. I usually don't bother.


    Pre mix shredded chicken, chiseled onions, whole corn (off the cob dummy!), green beans and cheese. I like a mild white cheese like Mozzarella or Provolone, salt and pepper.

    (I also like jalepeno in mine, but the family does NOT.)

    fill the pie pan with the mix, then pour the broth over it. Use a fork to make the broth settle down. Put the top pie crust over it and pinch it down.

    Cut a 1" slit in the center of the top crust.

    Bake on 350......

    I am sure I misremembered stuff, and will go check the recipe before I finish mine, but this is close.

    Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!

    Are you crazy? It's pizza Tuesday!


      I dislike chicken on pizza.
      I don't know.