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    Hey Mattmuttsmith

    So I will be renting a boat soon. I will be on the gulf coast and will be using the boat for cruising with the family and fishing. I will be in the bay and out in in the open gulf. I do plan on heading out to some slightly deeper water in the gulf to do some fishing. At some point, we will head about 5 miles out to check out a reef as well, so ease of getting on/off the boat is important.

    I'm looking at boat rentals and trying to figure out which boat to get. Price is not a factor, even the most expensive of the boats I am looking at are cheaper than I thought they would be and well within budget.

    I'm thinking about renting a center or dual console. Here are a few examples...
    or one of these center console boats...

    Is a single motor enough power to be out on deep water? Should I go with 19-21 feet or 22-25 feet?

    I'm thinking 19-21 since I will want to fish the bay as well.

    What do you recommend?

    I would want something that could ram other boats if necessary.
    I don't know.


      And a crow's nest and pirate flag. That's important.


        And a porta potty for the girls...Oh, and make sure they bring tampons, had a couple really good trips ruined over that.