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    Another did you know?

    Gold fish have a 3 second memory. Kinda like Night!
    Peanut oil is an ingredient in dynamite. I need to stock up!
    it's almost impossible to keep yur eyes open when you sneeze. Prolly why Abs looks so grumpy!
    Donald Duck cartoons are banned in Finland because he has no pants. So what? He has no dick either!
    French Fries came out of Belgium. So why the fuck don't they call them Belgian Fries??
    Lipstick has fish scales as an ingredient. I always wondered why kissing women tasted the same as..........
    Screw diplomacy...........bring it!

    A little disturbing, rokitman.

    Did you know that hairspray will take ink out of clothes? I write on the sheets all the time when doing homework in bed, it will take ink out of white sheets, too.

    If you buy an article of clothing (or steal it) and the ink tag is left on, you can freeze the clothing and remove the ink tag without ruining it.


      wtf is an ink tag?
      "Virtute et armis"

      Girls play with dolls. Men play with dead animals

      Islam is right about women

      sde: Because it was trolling and by damn God, that's what we fucking do here. Always have, always will


      Epstein didn't kill himself & neither did Qassem Soleimani

      Eric Ciaramella is the whistle blower


        Originally posted by swampbilly View Post
        That little device that checkout workers remove with a magnet. They're on things like jeans and bras that teenagers are known for stealing.


          If you kiss my neck. Most likely I will get a boner