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Screw celebrities

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    Screw celebrities

    I really hate it when you pay good money to go to a show, be it a comedy show or a concert, and the performer uses the time for a particular political agenda as Amy Shumer did with Trump. Bashed him, called him names, and the result was a lot of boos and many people leaving the show. The bitch had the gall to tell security to remove anyone who boos her. What a cunt! I'll bet she didn't give equal time to bashing Hillary.
    I had to put up with the same shit the last time I saw Crosby Stills and Nash. They went on a political rant that nearly had me out of my seat leaving. God damnit, when I pay $100 for a show, I want to see a fucking show, not political bullshit! Rest assured I will never go see Shumer ever, or CS&N ever again!
    Screw diplomacy...........bring it!

    Wasn't that in Florida, 300 pe0ple walked out. Or did she do it again in commiefornia? Stupid and fat.


      A lap dance is only $50 and I'm fairly certain they don't talk.
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        "Virtute et armis"

        Girls play with dolls. Men play with dead animals

        Islam is right about women

        sde: Because it was trolling and by damn God, that's what we fucking do here. Always have, always will


        Epstein didn't kill himself & neither did Qassem Soleimani

        Eric Ciaramella is the whistle blower


          The only thing pooping up is probably not a topic about presidents. I admit there are similarities to this election though. A big dick and a filthy cunt are going to be involved in the encounter.
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            Fuckem. Most gay anyway. Which is totally fine if you like that kinda thing


              There's a few celebrity chicks that I would fuck, given the chance.

              However, she is not one of them.
              It's not the size of the dog, in the fight. It's the size of the fight, in the dog.

              No guts, no glory. All pain, and fury.