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Cell Phones, Propane Tanks and Now This

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    Cell Phones, Propane Tanks and Now This

    I've been following the recent articles about cell phone purchases and now theft of large propane tanks. I also saw this story about a "man in the woods." I saw the picture (don't know if this link has the picture or not and I'm in a rush at work so can't search).

    Then this story today (second link). If anyone is in the Central Missouri area or planning a Christmas trip to Branson, Missouri, you might want to keep a heads up

    A group of people in Missouri have been making bulk purchases of pre-paid disposable cell phones, alarming a jittery public on edge about possible threats from domestic terrorists.

    [protected-iframe id=”d3b3341856e78f0ef1a5230b45d0e73f-29519413-15158773″ info=” width=”770px” height=”433px”] CAMDEN COUNTY, MO – Police are reveali…
    Tuesday is soylent green day

    Christmas is gonna be a bang!


      Originally posted by Harvey_Wideshaft View Post
      Christmas is gonna be a bang!

      And maybe a wash out
      Tuesday is soylent green day


        Up here. Someone gets their fuel oil tank siphoned off about every other day. People are just poor and want to keep their house warm. If someone was building a Bomb with s propane tank and a cell phone it's going to take a detonator still. They are not easy to get ahold of. Propane is hard to get to detonate from inside the tank without a big explosion. Your not going to do it with gun powder or common chemicals.

        I could make a worse Bomb out of flour bags. But I could be wrong, terrorists are not the sharpest knife in the drawer I guess.

        Back in 89 I set my hair on fire with propane working on a 100 year old furnace converted from coal to propane. Big flash and it was out. Burnt the hair off my arms when the flames went in one coat sleeve and out the other.

        ... At least I didn't set my head on fire again. I'm not going to defcon4 over a news story, they're the real terrorist, NBC, CNN, MSNBC...
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          I recently downloaded 3 Arabic apps to my phone and I tend to look up ISIS videos on the weekend sometimes. If anything happens during the holidays and I am not back for a while, please write to me in Gitmo.
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            The propane tank story was out on several right, left and middle of the road news websites when the cell phone stories came out. (I follow the news a lot as you know and I have been a political junkie since I was 12 years old.)

            Thank you for putting up the man in the woods story.

            At the last Spokane, WA Gun Show there were some stories online and in person about some ME strange men looking for guns. (I do not know if they were real or if someone was playing a game or if it was a ATF set up since I was not there and did not SEE it up close and personal.)

            Some gun show people, shoppers and FFL DEALERS attending that very show said that they were the real deal, strange acting men looking for specific rifles, and a couple of show people followed them around the show. I heard that one or two gun show people made a call to the police too.

            Some other people ONLINE who were NOT there at that show tried to make it sound like the people who were there and concerned about those men were 'paranoid' about the strange men asking about specific rifles. How they acted, what they were asking for, their dress and demeanor when questioned. Plus they were calling the entire thing, scuttlebutt, in so many words. In other words some BS story.

            A few friends of ours were doing the Bozeman, MT gun show and they heard about it from other DEALERS that they personally have KNOWN for a long, long time. One of them usually does that Spokane, WA show (NOT an FFL man any longer.) on and off and some other friends do some other shows in WA, OR, ID, MT and sometimes WY. The WA show people spoke to some of these people in Bozeman. Fact.

            So in today's world you can be damned if you do and damned if you don't think or look twice at a situation and DECIDE TO PICK UP THE TELEPHONE. Plus other people hear, see or have things happen to them as you, not you specifically - general term, have gone through.

            But most people don't care or want to get involved UNTIL it bothers them or it (Crime!) hits home. Meaning they end up being a victim of a crime OR if they came THIS close to these criminals - criminal transients or local criminals. Most of the criminals have LONG records and many of them are violent or violent/sexual offenders not just thieves or drug runners. THIS bs is worse not only in this state but all across the country - rural to city to small town. Fact!

            I know for a FACT that the city police, county sheriff's department, etc. will want you to report some things, they TELL YOU THIS POINT BLANK in person or on the telephone and/or ON THE NEWS and some of them take it seriously and others don't even when you hear GUN SHOTS within city limits close to your home or fairly close and where there have been VERY serious crimes including murder with young/old people, criminal transients, drunks, drug users, rapists, thieves, stabbings, etc.

            Heck, there have been real news stories where an older lady, NOT me, and her neighbors reported a house that was being used for a drug making house and drug running house and NO one took her seriously even though she called and kept records. It was proven that she was right in the end and the area was contaminated with toxic drug crapola. She reported it for OVER 2 YEARS and had records for 5 years! On top of that the landlord and owner of the house did nothing too. This happened in THIS college town and it has happened in rural areas and small towns in this state and ACROSS this country.

            The CRIMINAL transient camps, illegal camps, illegal campfires, illegal squatters, and life long 'players' who KNOW HOW TO WORK THE SYSTEM are a real issue in this state and across this country. Fact. These are not the average poor or needy people who came upon hard times or CAN have a FREE PLACE TO STAY but since they are SEVERE drunks/drug addicts and CRIMINALS and since THEY cause HUGE PROBLEMS with their behavior - they do all kinds of things including preying upon innocent people with their VIOLENT and criminal actions outside of their brand new and other FREE places to stay and eat. Fact.

            I could write a book about some of the BS that I have seen up close and personal and so could other people in this city, in the county, ACROSS THIS STATE and ACROSS this country. (I may just do this too.)

            It is bad enough that we have the same old bs with these criminals, lousy court systems and piss poor sentences... now we have this other BS happening in our country when it comes to other types of terrorists - home grown ones, illegal aliens = criminals and so called, ahem, legal but NOT VETTED PROPERLY immigrants.

            The inmates are running the asylum!

            Stay safe.


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              I was following some news stories about dams (Dam breaks.) not just power plant issues this past summer.

              I was following the fires too.

              I had some friends who were THIS close to those things UP close and personal fire wise. From some who evacuated to ones who were ready to flee their homes.

              Lincoln County, up north, had some dang arsonist or arsonists starting fires and the SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT was begging for help.

              There were some other strange things going on this past spring, summer and fall when it came to many incidents.

              On top of that, we had illegal campfires started by ILLEGAL CAMPERS in this city, county, across this state and in other states.

              Funny how that works. HONEST AND LEGAL CAMPERS OBEY THE LAWS when it comes to camping, fires and keeping a clean-safe camp.

              The criminal transients who not only camp ILLEGALLY and who poop/urinate in public/private areas INSIDE and OUTSIDE OF CITY LIMITS (No bs!) and fill their DISGUSTING KEPT ILLEGAL camp sites with poop, urine, empty bottles, cans, broken glass, TONS OF TRASH - literally, NEEDLES, and other crapola right by the Clark Fork River, other nearby rivers and in the mountains and who START FIRES illegally even when there is a BAN ON OPEN FIRES and all camp fires can start them. JACK squat happens to these criminals even IF THEY CAN CATCH THEM.

              One or more of these people started a fire on private land NOT right ON but close to the CF River and it spread like the dickens close to other private homes, businesses, the bridge, and with heavy traffic all around. This happened this past fall as one example.

              Some other CRIMINAL idiot was getting evicted and decided to set his apartment on fire in a building, caused huge problems, thank God - no one was killed, caused a lot of $$$ damage, and he barely got a slap on the hand. Of course, the criminal nut job who KNEW exactly what he was doing can't pay for HIS DAMAGE and he is not in JAIL or in a nut house.

              The judge and system should be put in JAIL FOR NOT PUTTING THAT CRIMINAL FREAK AWAY. But no... he is out and about - free as a bird.

              The inmates are running the asylum.

              So you wonder what they will do with a terrorist - maybe we can LUMP all of these freaking criminals as terrorists because they are doing EXACTLY that to society in general whether they have a religious/political agenda or not!

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