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Tornado Outbreak

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    Tornado Outbreak

    We've been slammed with 14 tornadoes in the north half of Miss so far today. Reports coming in of a few fatalities and lots of injuries. Access roads to my lease are closed. Based upon storm tracks and calling the other hunting clubs, I'm expecting damage. On top of this, we're expecting another of these tornado producing fronts on Monday.

    Anybody else get hit? I know there was some activity in AR.
    Give a man a match, & he'll be warm for 20 seconds. But toss that man a white phosphorus grenade and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

    I saw that on the evening news and it looked really bad!

    I am so sorry that this hit your state and other states.

    We have snow in the valley, college town, and more snow all across this state and at higher elevations.

    Some parts of the PNW have really BAD damage from the snow, ice and wind storms.



      National Weather Service says one tornado track was over 150 miles long!!! Cate, I hope y'all are doing ok with all that cold weather. We're running around in shorts down here.

      Give a man a match, & he'll be warm for 20 seconds. But toss that man a white phosphorus grenade and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


        Your horrific WEATHER down south was 'breaking news' on our OTA-free main television stations on our 'evening news'.

        Thank you for your kind thoughts. The snow is not bad here in town. The snow is never bad here in the valley surrounded by mountains compared to where I lived in the Great Lakes region - farm/lake area in the boonies with my late husband and growing up on the East Coast.

        The snow was high and kind of bad for some people, NOT me, but not hard to deal with when I lived in the Sapphire Mountains.

        These guys don't plow or de-ice as well as what I had in the GL region and on the East Coast in my opinion too.

        Take care and keep warm or COOL! Grin.

        We will test and run our generator this weekend again too. I have a schedule for that. It is not like my old BIG ones but it serves our needs. This past week our lights have been flashing a lot even though I live inside of a small city now compared to all of my years in the boonies! We had power out in parts of our town on and off year round too.

        But it is NOTHING like what I have dealt with in the past year round back in farm/lake country.

        Storms, LONG power outages and other issues from a to z.



          I drove my folks to Tennessee for a,funeral Sunday. Driving back tonight. We had light rain till today. When I left with them, it was raining hard. Not too much wind though.
          Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!


            that line dumped 7 inches down here on the coast...more to come

            If ya need a hand or bugout spot shoot me a pm
            "Virtute et armis"

            Girls play with dolls. Men play with dead animals



              I was able to lasso a tornado once. It was pretty awesome.


                Tornadoes are just gods way of smoting trailer parks with an indifferent rage of dignity.
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                  Blade....I just heard I may be getting ice and a bunch of snow Monday. Just in time to take my toy car out on the highway with idiots. I'll gladly trade you weather
                  Tuesday is soylent green day