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Hillary-Coughing Fit @ End Of Debate? Can You Confirm?

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    Hillary-Coughing Fit @ End Of Debate? Can You Confirm?

    I have read a lot of reports that Hillary had some type of medical attack right at the end of the debate last night. It was supposably on live. A lot of people saw it. Alas, I did not watch the two fucks "debate" so I missed it.

    Did you watch it?

    Did she have a fit?

    If she did, what do you think it means?

    There has been ALOT of speculation going on about her health. I'm not entirely convinced she is all there health wise. Or, as I have seen speculated, it could be an elaborate chess move "act" so if she is indicted she can be let off for medical reasons.

    What say You?

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    I say you need to spend more time outside friendo.
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      I hope she has Ebola.


        I didn't see it, but here's blip of it


          She suffers from egocentrical cockroachcolostomy.
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