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Supreme Court 2nd A:

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    Supreme Court 2nd A:

    The US supreme court came to a unanimous decision regarding the right of self defense. Not too shabby. This case revolved around the us of a "stun gun" but was still a win for the 2A since it was upheld by the "Heller case."
    "The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the state’s highest tribunal, said stun guns aren’t the type of weapons protected by the Second Amendment.
    The justices said the state court’s reasoning couldn’t be squared with the landmark 2008 Heller v. District of Columbia decision. The Supreme Court said that, under the Heller ruling, weapons can qualify for Second Amendment protection even if they didn’t have a military use and weren’t in common use when the amendment was enacted.
    “The explanation the Massachusetts court offered for upholding the law contradicts this court’s precedent,” the Supreme Court said."

    "L E X - T A L I O N I S"

    Good for them. Those things do hurt a bit.